A Complete Overview of DUO Courses
Whichever DUO module you choose, you determine the path taken. The following modules are available:
  • „Selbstlernen” (Self-Learning) offers maximum flexibility: You have access to your DUO module for 6 months and it is up to you when and where you choose to process your learning. Furthermore the offer includes access to the following self-service items: technical support, forum and chat as well as an eAssistent to help check exercises.

  • „betreutes Selbstlernen” (Assisted Self-Learning) combines flexibilty and support: You have access to your DUO module for 6 months, remaining independent and at the same time having the added advantage of a contact who provides you with your curriculum, answers any questions you might have and looks after you in the class chat and forum. Self-service items: see Self-Learning.

  • „assistiertes Lernen” (Tutored Learning) is a particularly intensive, effective way of learning. A personal tutor looks specially after your learning needs, correcting your work regularly into the bargain. You are also a member of a virtual classroom where you will be able to get to know other students and future fellows. You may of course use the self-sevice items.

  • „kombiniertes Lernen” (Blended Learning) is offered by licenced institutions. At these institutions you learn with the DUO course modules and are taught in their classrooms. Ask your language school or university, if they offer DUO blended learning courses!