Required Knowledge
 of German

fach-deutsch psycholinguistik erfordert Kenntnisse auf diesem Niveau:

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fach-deutsch psycholinguistik is the perfect way to learn the language and vocabulary used in this field. In addition, you can acquire knowledge and skills in language acquisition research, language processing, cognition, speech pathology, speech sciences, phonetics, linguistics, and psychology.
The details of fach-deutsch psycholinguistik:
  • The scientific and methodological foundations of these disciplines.
  • Learn vocabulary and improve your listening comprehension online to be able to follow complex lectures.
  • Practice reading and speaking German to be able to handle seminars and presentations with ease.
fach-deutsch psycholinguistik consists of about 100 hrs. Opt for the learning method most suitable for you:
Self-Learning [150 €]
Assisted Self-Learning [220 €]
Tutored Learning [295 €]
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  • Course begins every 2 weeks   
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