Required Knowledge
 of German

fach-deutsch medizin requires this level:

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fach-deutsch medizin introduces you to the language of medicine and health care. This course prepares you for studying medicine and further career options, for example becoming a medical doctor in a clinic.
The details of fach-deutsch medizin:
  • Communication scenarios in the preclinical and practical phases of medical studies and everyday life at the clinic.
  • Learn about the process of surgery and get to know the names and functions of different instruments and apparatus.
  • Intercultural medicine: learn how to communicate about health care across cultural divides.
  • Learn the language used in pain research in Germany and different cultural interpretations, meanings, and dimensions of pain.
fach-deutsch medizin consists of 100 hrs. Opt for the learning method suitable for you:
Self-Learning [150 €]
Assisted Self-Learning [220 €]
Tutored Learning [295 €]