Required Knowledge
 of German

uni-deutsch studienpraxis requires this level:

 ECTS Credits
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uni-deutsch studienpraxis is the perfect way to prepare for studying in Germany. uni-deutsch studienpraxis is designed for students and researchers looking for a more effective way of studying and who want to increase their learning performance. uni-deutsch studienpraxis offers helpful tips and techniques that make studying and researching significantly easier.
The programme includes these topics:
  • Working Scientifically: Strategies
  • Strategies and Methods of Reading
  • Logic and Argumentation: Basic Skills
  • Strategies and Techniques for Academic Diskussions and Scientific Writing
  • Scientific Texts: Notes, Presentations, Papers
  • Paraphrasing, Using Sources Correctly, Argumentation Techniques, Excerpts
uni-deutsch studienpraxis consists of 200 hrs. Opt for one of these learning methods:
Self-Learning [150 €]
Assisted Self-Learning [220 €]
Tutored Learning [295 €]