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 of German

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The path to studies in Germany sometimes seems long and challenging: study organisation, applications at various institions, and cultural barriers may be difficult to tackle.
uni-deutsch studienorganisation helps you to organise your studies completely. This course allows you to get to know your future university as well as other learners.
8 chapters provide you with strategies to master your studies and everyday life. You will be working with actual applications and speaking situations:
  • Planning your Studies
  • University in Germany
  • The International Office
  • Financing your Studies: Scholarships
  • Applications: One Goal, Many Paths
  • Certificates, Report Cards, Credentials
  • The Right Way to Deal with Institutions
  • Life Outside of University
uni-deutsch studienorganisation consists of 200 hrs. Opt for one of these learning methods:
Self-Learning [150 €]
Assisted Self-Learning [220 €]
Tutored Learning [295 €]