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 of German

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uni-deutsch sprachkurs allows you to learn German online in preparation for studying at a German, Austrian, or Swiss university.
This course is divided into 8 chapters:
  • Everything about Studying in Germany
  • Literature and Hyperfiction
  • Interesting Facts about the Internet
  • Business Economics and Marketing
  • Ecology and Environmental Technology
  • Everyday Language and Communication
  • The Human Brain: How Do We Learn?
  • Education and Culture in Germany
uni-deutsch sprachkurs helps you to improve all relevant language skills: writing, listening, reading, and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and effective learning techniques.
uni-deutsch sprachkurs consists of 200 hrs. Opt for the learning method suitable for you:
Self-Learning [150 €]
Assisted Self-Learning [220 €]
Tutored Learning [295 €]