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Deutsch im Internet lernen - Sprachkurs für Anfänger
reading german is an online reading course for anyone learning German as a beginner or with some competence in the language.
If you are participating in a basic German course or conduct anglophone studies in Germany this course would be ideal for your purposes.
Texts and exercises will help you to discover the German language, culture and society.
What's special about reading german
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Slow progression – recommended for "teach yourself"
  • Target practice in reading, writing and listening skills
  • Culture and society up-to-date information about life in Germany
  • Coursebook: "reading german II"
reading german consists of ca. 90 hours. Opt for this learning method:
Self-Learning [150 €]
  • Flexible self-study programme
  • 6 months access to modules
  • Chat, forum, email
  • Notepad, dictionary, hints
  • Technical support
  • Course begins every 2 weeks
  • Buy the eligible coursebook
  • Book

If you are an educational institution you might like to apply for a licence to use reading german! Then you would be able to offer your teach-yourself students reading german at a nice price, or alternatively a teacher could be a tutor monitoring students online or as part of a blended learning programme. Please feel free to contact us about DUO licence procedure or for further information.