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  of German

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lehrerpraxis is a programme for non-native German teachers.
lehrerpraxis is not only tailored to suit teachers who are seeking to combine their own personal teaching methods and practice and at the same time explore new paths, but also for non-native speakers wishing to refresh their knowledge of the German language.
Here are the various topics covered:
  • Schools and universities in Germany and in your home country
  • Teaching, learning, learning techniques
  • Communication and language
  • Literature - from poetry to digital
  • New media in teaching German as a Foreign Language
lehrerpraxis consists of about 100 hours. Opt for this learning method:
Tutored Learning [219 €]
  • 6 Months Use of Modules
  • 3 Months Intensive Guidance with Syllabus, Consulting, and Feedback
  • Moderated Chat, Moderated Forum
  • Learning in the Virtual Classroom
  • Notepad, Dictionary, Hints
  • Technical Support
  • Course begins every 2 weeks
  • Book (in preparation)