fach-deutsch wirtschaft

... economics and business administration topics.
 fach-deutsch jura

... sheds light on the complex world of law.
 fach-deutsch medizin

... for clear communication, be it at university or the clinic.
 fach-deutsch natur

... with chemical, physical, and biological topics
 fach-deutsch bio

... topics from forest ecology to advanced genetics.

... requires sophisticated language skills.
 fach-deutsch technik

Engineering topics for studies and career in Germany.
 fach-deutsch kultur

Cultural Sciences: language skills and a lot of knowledge.

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Deutsch als Fachsprache online lernen – Fachwissen in deutscher Sprache
The DUO advanced level courses – the ‘fach-deutsch’ courses – make it possible to learn subject-specific language and acquire in-depth subject knowledge at the same time. For advanced German learners among students and researchers, fach-deutsch is a tool for customised, individual preparation for ambitious studies or scientific projects. It is designed to enhance and complement your studies during your stay.
DUO offers fach-deutsch modules in the following subject disciplines:
Each course module contains about 100 hours of multimedia language lessons.
All contents were developed by some of Germany's most renowned experts in each respective discipline and adapted to fit the requirements of each subject. This could prove to be an invaluable advantage to you: fach-deutsch provides you with knowledge beyond language skills (while using this process to improve your grip on the German language) and covers a wide stretch of your subject education. Learning fach-deutsch before beginning your studies gives you the leading edge over your co-students.
Receive more information on the various fach-deutsch modules by clicking on them.