... language training for studying in Germany.


... authentic preparation specifically for the TestDaF.


... to guide you through the steps towards Germany.


... provides you with effective studying techniques.


... with information in other languages.


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Deutschkurs für das Studium -
The DUO intermediate level courses – ‘uni-deutsch’ – provide you with all you need for research or studies in Germany: language knowledge geared specifically towards your study-stay, comprehensive linguistic and practical know-how for everyday life as well as working, writing, and learning techniques.
uni-deutsch allows you to do all this innovatively and effectively. The materials are presented by various forms of media: texts, audio/video sequences and over 30 different types of exercises.
uni-deutsch gives you absolute flexibility: assignments can be completed entirely through independent study. If you wish to do so, an e-tutor guides you through selected exercises, and you may also gain information with others in a virtual classroom.
uni-deutsch offers you the following modules:
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