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The "DUO-Wortsuche"

Looking for an explanation for a German word or simply a quick translation? It is easy with the new "DUO-Wortsuche" (DUO word search) – with one click you have access to many electronic dictionaries!

The "DUO-Wortsuche" gives you access to the "Duden" and the "DWDS" (the largest digital dictionary of the German language). It also accesses the translation portals "Leo", "Linguee", "", and "Google Translate".

Simply click "WÖRTER" in the DUO platform. For an explanation of the word you only have to enter the word in the corresponding search field. You will get the word description, which often includes details about the grammar of the word, example sentences or useful links.

A search field is also available in the "DUO-Wortsuche" for translations of more difficult passages. But be careful: The results are generated by translation machines! You need to examine the translation critically and it should never be a replacement for your own work on the text. In the DUO forum, or in the chat, you can check with your fellow learners or your tutor. "Linguee" provides you with text comparisons from multilingual websites.

Neue Funktion im DUO Online-Deutschkurs: Wortsuche
The word explanations and translations in the DUO platform
Figure: g.a.s.t. / DUO

Good luck with your word search!

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