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Online German Courses for DAAD grantees

You are a DAAD grantee and will be attending a German university? Congratulations! Thanks to a special offer made possible by the DAAD, this means that you are eligible to use DUO, the ultimate learning portal for the German language. Sign up for a DUO course and enjoy the advantages of learning German on your own, allowing you the very best preparation for your stay in Germany – and that free of charge.
Here is how it works:
Choose which course you would like to take:
Everyday life and studying in Germany Preparing for the TestDaF test Language for special purposes
Basis-Deutsch A1.1 TestDaF-Training B2/C1 Fachdeutsch Wirtschaft C1
Basis-Deutsch A1.2 Fachdeutsch Jura C1
Basis-Deutsch A2.1 Fachdeutsch Medizin C1
Basis-Deutsch A2.2 Fachdeutsch Technik C1
Uni-Deutsch B1.1 Fachdeutsch Natur C1
Uni-Deutsch Sprachkurs B1/B2 Fachdeutsch Kultur C1
Uni-Deutsch Studienpraxis B2 Fachdeutsch Forst und Land C1
Fachdeutsch Psycholinguistik C1
Select the learning method that fits your requirements:
Deutsch uni online german language courses
Register here and choose your course. Please also enter the personal number of your DAAD scholarship.
DUO will provide you with information about the next steps. You will receive your own personalised access to DUO.
You will then have the chance to study German for three months with other DAAD stipendiaries.
Experienced tutors will supervise and continually monitor your progress.