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Refugees apply for the new online 
Projects for Refugees
Testing study aptitude, promoting language acquisition, preparing for study  Read more (in German)

New program "German Without Borders" with onDaF and DUO
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Sprachkurse online

Workshop meeting of the Association of Language Centers (AKS), 3 to 5/3/16, Berlin  More

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Welcome to the
Online German Courses offered by DUO!

Online Deutsch lernen für Studenten, Wissenschaftler, Akademiker und Manager
The Deutsch-Uni Online is a webportal for learning German! DUO is the perfect solution, if you want to improve your knowledge of German and prepare for your stay in Germany. If you wish to study, research, or work in a German-speaking country, the DUO German courses offer all the knowledge necessary – covering language, knowledge about culture and everyday life, and subject-specific skills.
To the DUO Courses:
DUO offers you the following advantages:
  • Flexible learning, free from time constraints, not confined to any location
  • Ideal and comprehensive preparation for a stay in Germany
  • Intensive, in-depth tutorial guidance
  • Learning to use your language skills
  • Practical and organisational knowledge
  • Contact with like-minded people throughout the world
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